Nothing is easier than creating great teams and even more fantastic products …

and that is what makes it so difficult.

My name is Andreas Poschen

i was born in 1981, live with my wife and my son near aachen and work as Head of Software Development in medium-sized e-commerce. I share my knowledge on this blog and freelance I work as an agile coach for teams and mentor for middle management executives looking for a partner and an echo chamber on their journey into the agile future.

My world is the field of contrast between companies in agile change, the creation of meaningful digital products, technology and people who live and work in this environment.

On this website I write articles about Leadership & Guidance, my methods and tips for creating digital products and how to improve productivity and (self-)organisation

The ( employment) world is changing from a complicated to a complex world. I believe in the fact that


… must be agile

… should be transparent and open by default

… must practise inspirational leadership for self-organisation

each human

… can work remote first without loosing human contact

… should be a Product Owner

… needs rituals and methods as a fixed constant


must solve problems of humans

… can be created by anyone

… need no longer be possessed

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