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At the end of October we set out with the cameras to visit the “Hohe Venn” (High Fens). Venn” stands for Moor. It refers to a natural area of ​​about 45 square kilometers between the Ardennes and the Eifel, not far from Aachen. The property as a moor owes the area (among other things) to the fact that it is the highest point of Belgium and the Atlantic air here rises and falls.

The area is traversed in large part by wooden bridges on which one can walk dry. I have to admit: as a kid, I was hardly interested in nature because I lived there and it was omnipresent. You could play in the woods, at the Rursee, or wander through the moor with your parents. It was just normal.

Only since I live in the city, sit in the office and spare time is short, I enjoy the holiday-nature paradise right on the doorstep, for many people would travel far. It does not matter if it is Hohes Venn or the Eifel National Park, especially for (amateur) photographers there are really great motives here.

I have some motives from the High Venn held for you, I would be happy about comments!


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