This post is already more than a year old. Maybe the following information is outdated!

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A look back at 10 years

Whoa! Now this blog is more than 10 years old!

Well, not this blog. My blog was launched in July 2008 and every year there were more or less posts. All of them are related to media design or the internet.

The more I moved away from the media design profession, the fewer posts there were in the blog. The typical eventful private life of a thirtysomething (Woman-Wedding-House-Child-Dog-Cat-Mouse) did the rest. 😉

Meanwhile I am professionally active in e-commerce, IoT, online marketing, digitalization and agile development, mainly as a product owner. But since blogging has always been fun for me and I want to continue, I’m going to change my blog now.

The blog still exists as an archive. I don’t want to exclude new posts. But the focus will be on my new blog (or its German counterpart Some of my “thought”-posts have moved there. And there will continue to be thoughts, photos and other private stuff in this blog. The main part of the posts will have however the topic (who would have thought it) Product Owner.

2019 – the working world becomes agile

About 17 years ago a handful of developers came together and published the Manifesto for agile software development. A proposal for a new way of working and developing in a world that can change very quickly and is so complex that the old ways of working from the time of assembly line work don’t work anymore (more about this maybe in a blog article soon).

Since a few months there is an increasing trend that these principles are transferred from software development to the whole working world. Everything becomes “agile”. This term is used to drive a lot of shindles and to do consulting marketing. “Agile” itself has become business. But that should not be the topic today (also that is topic for its own article).

However: In this agile environment there are different new specialist areas. They are no longer classic job profiles, as they can vary greatly depending on the company and the assignment, except for a few basic principles.

The Product Owner as a super hero

aitoff / Pixabay

One of these essential specialist areas is the Product Owner. A kind of concepter, consultant, developer-to-management interpreter, product manager and voice of the customer. The product owner is thus a kind of superhero. 😉

The goal of this blog

The tasks and challenges of a Product Owners are manifold, complex and sometimes impossible. But there are a lot of methods, tools and ideas that make life easier for a “PO“. In the course of my career I have learned and applied a lot of these things, mostly from free sources. And that’s why I want to give something back to the community.

The new blog will help you product owners in their daily fight with the stakeholders. With ideas, impulses and as a reference book. The articles are never an end in themselves or the basis for a consulting business. This blog should always have a private touch and contain honest articles (and hopefully a lot of honest feedback).

I am happy if you stay with the new blog. It won’t be your damage: Even if you have nothing to do with “agile” and product owners in your profession, you will still be able to take a lot of posts with you for your daily work. And remember: There is a great chance that your profession or your company will soon be affected by the agile wave.

So here’s to a successful and agile product owner year 2019!

Andreas Poschen is a specialist for Conception, E-Commerce, UX and Digital Marketing from Aachen. He works as a Product Owner Smart Home for Web, iOS and Android at an IT SME and writes in this blog about his work as a PO and his thoughts. Follow him on:

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